Scenic Drive - Two

Captain's Flat - Lowden Park

Lowden Park is one of those off the beaten track, hidden gems. It's situated in the middle of the Tallaganda State Forest in a stunning fern laden gully. The park is all that remains of an old logging camp from the 1930's known as 'Lowden Forest Park'. Remnants of the camp remain today and include a water wheel once used to generate electricity for the loggers that harvested the forest as well as old steam engines.

The park has basic amenities such as pit toilets, wood BBQ's, picnic tables and drinking water.  Being situated in a State Forest, it's ok for dogs and other pets.

The first part of the drive is to Captains Flat, which can easily be reached by travelling east from Queanbeyan for four kilometres on Bungendore Road (Kings Hwy) and turning right at Captains Flat Road.  Passing through scenic country, with historical properties like Foxlow and Carwoola stations and St. Thomas's Church, the journey to Captains Flat is 45km.

After exploring the village, head along Foxlow St turn left at Braidwood Rd before crossing the bridge. Take Braidwood Rd for 4kms and turn left onto Harolds Cross Road ( brown & white sign indicating direction to Lowden Forest). Follow the forestry blue and white markers which lead to Lowden Forest Park, approximately 19km.

The park is a great place to relax, unwind and enjoy a picnic or BBQ. There are two very easy walks around the park for you to enjoy.  If you'd like a more detailed insight into the area, we suggest the topographic map Bendoura.

There are two ways in which you can return to Queanbeyan, go back the way you came or return to Braidwood Rd, continue onto Braidwood and then back to Queanbeyan via the Kings Highway, approximately 100km or return via Rossi and Hoskinstown.

Note: the road is dirt once you've turned into Harolds Cross Rd; most of Braidwood Rd is also dirt.


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