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Queanbeyan ParkQueanbeyan Park

Queanbeyan City is privilleged to have a unique range of beautiful parks, sportfields, gardens and recreational areas for residents and visitors to enjoy and relax in. Queanbeyan City Council Parks and Recreation is strongly committed to promoting its leisure and recreation facilities. 

Most parks have public toilets, barbeques and playground equipment.

Queanbeyan Park was dedicated as a Reserve for Public Recreation in 1893.

It was planted with several species of exotic trees as far back as 1870. Its central sports area has been used for cricket, football and cycling for many years. It also “sported" a band rotunda where brass bands played until World War II. Among the interesting features of the park are the cast-iron lamp standards bearing the inscription “E.H.Land, 1890".

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Queen Elizabeth Park was originally the town's Market Reserve when Queanbeyan was gazetted in 1838. It was here that Queanbeyan's first Police Magistrate, Captain Alured Tasker Faunce, collapsed and died playing cricket in 1856. The weeping willows that are prominent along thebanks of the adjacent Queanbeyan River were introduced into the area by William Balcornbe & Elija Bambridge. The original cuttings, it is understood, were from willows near Napoleon's grave on St. Helena.

Bicentennial Park is a nature park that has a pleasant 4km walking trail and boasts the Rex Cross Lookout. Outstanding views of Queanbeyan,Canberra and the surrounding hills may be obtained from here.

Sister City Park in Macquoid Street was established in 1993 and acknowledges Queanbeyan‘s sister city status with Hatta Mura, Japan.

Apex Park was first established in the 1970's then refurbished in 1995 with modern childrens playground equipment, landscaping, BBQ and toilets.

Glebe Park is a pretty riverside park. It has a playground with swings, climbing walls, sliding pole and lots more. The park is fenced from the river for childrens safety.

Sensory Gardens is the latest park attraction located on the banks of the Queanbeyan river in Ray Morton Park. The garden has raised beds and includes plants and activities which engage all five senses: sight, touch, sound, scent and taste, there's also a veiwing platform looking over the river.

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