Lowden Forest Walk

Enjoy a walk around Lowden Forest Park in Tallaganda State
Forest. This is a great place to view a wide variety of gums; from scribbly gum, to brown barrel, messmate, peppermint, and ribbon gum. It's also home to a wide variety of native animals. The landscape ranges from dry, open woodland to vast forests of eucalypts.

Hidden in a green fern gully in the forest is an old logging camp from the 1930's known as Lowden Forest Park. Remnants of the camp remain today and include a water wheel once used to generate electricity for loggers located in this region and a variety of old steam engines.

The park has amenities such as pit toilets, wood BBQs, picnic tables and drinking water, you can camp as well. As it is part of the State Forest, animals are permitted.

Fern Gully Walking Trail

800 metres, 35 minutes, easy.

The Fern Gully walk winds its way down to Lowden Creek, the trail studded with fine native trees; brown barrel, messmate stringy bark, ribbon gum and narrow leaf peppermint.

Hopkins Pond Walking Trail

700 metres, 25 minutes, easy.

A climb up to the source of the water that drives the Water Wheel – follow it back down to the mill-pond which stores the water to work the Wheel.

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