Googong Foreshore Walks

The Googong Foreshores is a vast recreation area just 10 minutes south of Queanbeyan. There are two main areas; the northern end is 10 km from Queanbeyan, accessed from the Cooma Road via Googong Dam Road. The southern end, another 10 km further, is accessed by turning off at Burra Road and then into London Bridge Road. There are numerous walks here, from easy strolls to more arduous treks.

Short walks at the northern end

Black Wallaby Loop : 2.6 km, easy. Start downstream at the picnic area and walk alongside the Queanbeyan River to the dam wall. Enjoy great views of Cascades Gorge and fern gullies before you return to the road.

Cascades Walk: 200m, easy. Takes you down Cascades Gorge to the water holes – Cascades Lookout & Dam Wall Lookout.

Shoreline Walk: 4 km, easy. This popular walk runs close to the high water mark between the car park and Shannons Inlet. Good walk for spotting trout, perch, and waterbirds.

Short walks at the southern end

Dhurrawarri Buranya Walk: 4 kms, easy. This walk starts and ends at London Bridge, moving along the Queanbeyan River before branching off toward Washpen Crossing then back along the river to the junction with Burra Creek. You’ll return via Old Boundary Fence or (when the river is low) cross nearby Drawdown Crossing and return via the fire trail.

London Bridge: 3.4 kms return, easy. Start at London Bridge Car Park and cross London Bridge Arch to the Homestead and return along the fire trail. The London Bridge Arch is a natural wonder at the Googong Foreshores that can be explored on foot.

Long day walks and bike rides at the northern end.

Western Foreshores Walk/Ride: 19.7 kms return, moderate. This walk can be accessed from either the north or south end. From the north, Foreshores Car Park and south, Tin Hut Car Park; walk through grassland and open woodlands with terrific views of the dam and Queanbeyan escarpment.

Bradley's Creek Walk 14.2 kms return, moderate. Starts downstream to the picnic area and skirts the northern shore of the dam before steeply climbing up the escarpment to Gorman Trig; it’s an easy walk to Bradley’s Creek and then to the Googong Lookout.

Long day walks and bike rides at the southern end.

Queanbeyan River Walk: 18 kms return, moderate difficulty. Start at London Bridge Car Park and cross the London Bridge Arch then branch onto fire trails; finishes at Flynns Crossing. There are three access points to the river: Washpen, Gelagnite & Flynns. Return via same route.

Queanbeyan River Loop Ride: 19.7 km return, difficult. Start at the London Bridge Car Park before heading to the London Homestead, continue to Burra Creek. Head east to Flynns Crossing and loop back to Gelagnite Crossing before turning back to the London Car Park. Trail markers define the route. This walk or ride covers some steep grades and two crossings of the Queanbeyan River, so be prepared.

Download Googong Walking Trail Maps

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