Googong Dam Trail

Googong trails are great rides for all levels of experience. The ride features good distant views of Canberra. Interesting views of the reservoir. London Bridge Arch and London Bridge Homestead. Curleys Falls. Varied terrain -open undulating to steep forested stretches. Nice spots by the water.  Googong has good facilities with BBQ's, fresh water and toilet facilities in several locations around the foreshore.

Western Foreshores Ride

Moderate difficulty level

The 19.4km ride or walk reaches from both ends of the Googong Foreshores, with the Northern starting point located at the Foreshores car park and the Southern point located within the Tin Hut car park. The ride follows fire trails that cross grassland and into the open woodlands of the forest, offering plenty of vantage points of the actual Dam and the eastern Queanbeyan Escarpment. Along the trail are also many chances to see the wildlife of the area, especially the wedge-tailed eagles and eastern grey kangaroos.

Queanbeyan River Loop Ride

Moderate difficulty level

Covering 19.7km in all, the starting point for the mountain biking trail is at the London Bridge car park and leads to the London Bridge Homestead. In order to follow the loop before Burra Creek, take the fire trail towards the east at the fork and head past Gelignite Crossing in order to reach Flynns Crossing. At this point, take the fire trail to circle back to Gelignite Crossing and then onto the London Bridge car park. The loop ranges between moderate and difficult terrain and does sport some steep grades along with two crosses over the Queanbeyan River, allowing for some great scenic views.

Directions: The Googong Foreshores is located about ten minutes away from Queanbeyan to the south, with two main areas that can be accessed along the Cooma Road by turning off onto Googong Dam to reach the northern end or Burra Road to London Bridge Road to reach the south.

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