Experience four seasons, each with their distinctive beauty and charm; Canberra & Queanbeyan are a rare treat among Australian cities, providing a kaleidoscope of colour, activity and experiences throughout the year.

Visiting Queanbeyan at anytime of the year is pleasent with the exception of cold days in winter.

Spring is glorious: perfume abounds as trees reveal spring blooms and our regional vineyards awaken with the first bud bursts. Experience moderately fresh mornings, bright, sunny days and brisk nights. The region enjoys longer sunshine hours in spring than Sydney and Melbourne, making it ideal for Floriade and bushwalking.

Summer has endless opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors, especially on Googong Dam, where plenty of water sports and activities await. Days are warm to hot, plenty of sunshine and little humidity, and mild, balmy nights.

Autumn is a delight. Leaves of red, gold, russet, ochre and crimson emerge, balanced by the soft greys and greens of native eucalyptus and coniferous trees. Grab your favourite scarf and coat for cool nights and mild days.

Winter is the perfect time to snuggle up in front of a fire with a big glass of cool climate wine. Brisk nights and early mornings, with frosts and occasional fogs clearing to striking sunny days. Be refreshed by the pleasure of a bike ride and walks by the lake.

Season   Average Min* Average Max* Ave. Sunshine Hours
Summer       12     27     9.3
Spring       6     19     8.4
Autumn       7     20     7.1
Winter       1     12     6






* Degrees Celsius Degrees (F

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