Captains Flat

MemorialMemorialThe sleepy village town of Captains Flat is tucked in along the Molonglo River facing the hills that form the foundation of the Jingera Mountains. The old mining village is home to the Captains Flat Market, which is open every first Saturday of the month and is a country delight worth indulging in, if you can plan your trip to coincide.

However, for those who are not intrigued by the markets head towards the Outsider Café to grab some fresh coffee and cakes. Throughout Captains Flat are also a variety of old mining sites and historic buildings worth visiting. The ‘Pathway to Gold’ self-guided historical walking tour brochure can be picked up around town and will lead you through the days when the city was one of the most prominent mining areas in Australia.

From Queanbeyan head west down Bundgendore Road about 4kms and take a right into Captain’s Flat where a 45km stretch of road will take you through postcard-perfect country that features several properties including Foxlow and Carwoola Stations and St Thomas’s Church, all of which are from the 1800s.

Heritage of Captains Flat name

The local story regarding the name of the village does not involve a man, but instead a bullock. Local legend explains that Foxlow Station was home to a white team bullock that was referred to as Captain and when there was work needed he would be hiding out somewhere such as a stretch of the river flat. Those who came through the valley became so used to seeing the ‘Captain’ hiding in the grass that they started calling it the ‘Captains Flat.’ Years later it was said the bullock was found dead on his favoured spot, which is now the playing field of Captains Flat.

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