Big Hole Walk

The north-western section of Deua National Park is a karst or limestone layer containing 400 million year old cave systems. The Big Hole and Marble Arch are two fascinating features which can be seen without going underground.

This 5km return walk starts from Berlang Camping Area, 45 minutes drive south of Braidwood along the Krawarree (Cooma) Road. After fording the knee-deep ( after rains the river can rise quickly) Shoalhaven River, an easy walk leads to a viewing platform from where the remarkable Big Hole, a chasm some 96m deep and 50m wide, can be safely viewed.

The resident lyrebird may appear in the early morning or late afternoon when it comes out to feed.

Big Hole and Marble Arch Walk

This return walk starts from Berlang Camping Area and takes you past Big Hole to Marble Arch. See the Big Hole track notes (above) for the Big Hole section of the walk. After Big Hole, follow the track below the viewing platform. From the base of the hill the walk is gently undulating until the very steep 150m descent into the Marble Arch. Wide bands of marble coloured limestone can be seen in the walls of the canyon and cavern roof and beautiful ferns cling to the lower sides of the canyon. Caving at Marble Arch is by permit only.

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