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Self-guided tour for 'Braidwood'
Go your own way, blaze your own trail, take things at your own pace!  select the particular artists and studios that take your interest and plot your own unique trail itinerary. 2017 Arts Trail online map


1.    Altenburg & Co Gallery
Altenburg & Co is a family business that specializes in beautiful art and great design. The Altenburg name has been on the streets of Braidwood for nearly 40 years and has been a strong supporter of the arts over this time. Over the Arts Trail period Altenburg & Co is excited to be showing the exhibition of paintings by local artist Ian Marr.... read more on the Altenburg & Co Gallery Faceboook page

Where: 104 Wallace Street Braidwood, 
Open:    Sat & Sun 10am-4pm

Further enquiries: call 02 484 22545 

2. The Silken Tent, Gill Burke
Gill is a Designer-maker, her commitment is to handcraft practice and the celebration of skills being swamped elsewhere by technological change. A variety of techniques are used – resist dyeing such as batik and shibori, block printing, silk painting, stenciling and the use of natural dyes. The countryside provides inspiration, with many designs incorporating Australian flowers and plants. Gill has invited two guest artist to join her this year - Cheryl Backhouse's from Brooklyn Felt will be demonstrating and displaying her craft, and Lois McKenzie will showcase her amazing free-from machine embroidery.

Where:  7 Clyde St, Braidwood
Open:    Sat & Sun 10am-4pm

Further enquiries: call 02 48422579 email

3.   Vetro e Metallo, Wendy Lees
The provenance of this perfectly imperfect collectable V&M art jewellery piece is that it is genuinely Australian handcrafted and upcycled in our workshop, using salvage materials. Our hand making ethos incorporates a 100 year old hydraulic press and other beautiful age-old copper smithing trade tools and techniques. We guarantee the quality of each unique hand-crafted jewellery art piece – subject to it being treated with the same love and care as during design and handcrafting more
or visit Vetro e metallo Jewellery on Facebook page 

Where:  12 Park Lane Braidwood
Open:    Sat & Sun 10am-4pm

Further enquiries: call 0410 116 347 or email

4.   BRAG & Braidwood Community Arts Centre
BRAG proudly supports the activities of its members in a number of ways, including the BRAG Members’ Exhibition held each year during the Easter long weekend. BRAG is the proud owner of the Braidwood Community Arts Centre which acts as a focus for its activities and contributes to Braidwood’s economy.  The women’s exhibition will open on Friday 20 October just in time for the QPRC Art Trail event which will be held on 21 & 22 October. Linked to the international Reclaim the Night movement, the theme ‘Reclaim! Women’s Exhibition’ will be open to interpretation. In addition to the main visual arts component, there will be wearable component which should be lots of fun as models strut their more  or visit Braidwood Art on Facebook

Where:  45 Wallace Street, Braidwood
Open:    Sat & Sun 10am-4pm

Further enquiries: call 0419 841 819 or email

5.   Wynlen House    
Wynlen house is our small farm or micro farming enterprise on a large village block in Braidwood. The farm runs a market garden and we keep poultry for both egg laying and meat production, and raise geese and turkeys. We consider that Wynlen House is a slow food enterprise, we grow our produce to be consumed locally.  We also grow garlic with our good friend, Artist and Holistic Carbon Farmer Victoria Royds. A number of Victoria’s sculptures are displayed around the farm. In her sculpture, she reflects upon this and other matters relating to the feminine in 21st century western society using the body as reference. She says that “the body is our primary communicator of who we are, the vessel that contains the living embodiment of our existence.” more  or visit @Wynlen on Facebook or Twitter
Where:   92 Monkittee St, Braidwood
Open: Sun 10am-4pm

Further enquiries: calll 02 48421127 email

6. Left Hand Gallery
Julian Davies, who set up and runs the gallery, has for over forty years regarded the usual practices of the art market as deeply compromised.  The Left Hand was established to offer a different model from the commercial gallery system.  At the Left Hand in Braidwood the exhibition during  Arts trail is callled Playing with the Past: variations on works by well-known artists.  They have invited a group of artists from our region to choose images from the past and use them as a launching point for works on their own.  Photocopies of the original images will be shown beside the new works that respond to them.  The artists involved include Kate Stevens, Julian Laffan, Robin Wallace-Crabbe, Clinton De Vere, Cath Moore, Bernard Hardy and six or seven more yet to be confirmed.  

Where:   81 Lascelles St, Braidwood
    Sat & Sun 10am-4pm

Further enquiries: calll 02 4842 7189 or email

9. Wheatfield Gallery,  Bird Whisperers

 Charming works on canvas featuring native birds by Jenny Boyes are mixed with superb botanical studies by Vivien Pinder, Maria Boreham, Cornelia Buchen-Osmond and Wendy Antoniak. There are also some important historical works by Haughton Forrest and Ellis Rowan and a significant study of George Washington Lambert's "Across the black soil plains". The gallery also has antiques, small and large, and currently a rare 1959 Maico scooter and a 1928 Austin Seven.
Where:   Mill Pond Farm, 660 Majors Creek Road, Jembaicumbene via Braidwood
Open:    Sat & Sun 10am-4pm


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